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Bitumen-LAB: research laboratory dedicated to bituminous materials


Thanks to strong partnership with EFFE-CI Srl in Monza, our Material division holds competences and experience in preparation and characterization of bituminous blends with special attention to bituminous membranes production. All studies, projects and methods related to expressed competences are part of Bitumen-LAB activity. Here we detail some examples:


  • Chemical-physical characterization of raw materials for bituminous blends like bitumen, plasticizers, polymers, additives and fillers;

  • Technical support in formulation and properties improvement of bituminous membranes with special attention to choice and usage of additives and fillers in applications where special performances are demanded (for example fire resistance, aging resistance etc.);

  • Preparation and characterization of bituminous blends thanks to methods and equipment available in our in-house lab or at our partners place;

  • Implementation of comparative test of raw materials in comparison with commercial products

  • Usage development and improvement of recycled materials or waste materials in bituminous blends 


Scientific publications, lectures and presentations

“Recycled materials applications in bituminous sheats: opportunities for a circular economy" (pdf) 

Poster presentation at Chemistry for the Future (CFF2018), Pisa. July 4-6, 2018.

“Recycled polymer applications in bituminous sleeves: opportunities for a circular economy" (pdf)

Lecture at Macrogiovani 2018 (AIM), Salerno. June 14-15, 2018.

Winner of the Macrogiovani 2018 prize.

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